Seal Belonging to Prophet Isaiah Discovered in Jerusalem

Archeologists in Jerusalem have discovered a 2,700-year-old clay seal they say may bear the 'signature' of the biblical prophet Isaiah. The findings were published in the Biblical Archaeology Review and led by renowned Israeli archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar. Although there is a small letter of the seal that is missing, the researchers strongly believe that the small clay seal found during a dig near the  Temple Mount read 'Belonging to Isaiah the prophet.' The seal, known as a bulla, was found just 10 feet away from a bulla of King Hezekiah of Judah, the 12th king of the Kingdom of Judah, whose reign is documented in the Book of Isaiah. The researchers dated the seal to the 7th century BCE when Isaiah is believed to have lived.

Photo credit: Dr. Eilat Mazar