Israeli Biotech Company Eliminates Breast Cancer by Freezing Breast Tumors

Israeli-based company IceCure Ltd. is working to freeze breast cancer in its tracks, literally. The company has developed a treatment for cancer that involves a short procedure lasting less than an hour, requires no surgery or hospitalization, and has so far shown a 99% effectiveness in eliminating malignant breast tumors in a U.S. multi-center clinical trial. IceCure’s ProSense™ uses a unique ultra-slim probe to freeze targeted tissue within minutes using advanced cryotherapy technology. Guided by CT or  ultrasound, the probe is inserted into the tumor, and liquid nitrogen generates sub-zero temperatures, thereby freezing the tumor into an ice ball. The targeted tissue is destroyed, the healthy tissue is unaffected, and any residue is safely absorbed by the body.
IceCure has already gained FDA clearance and CE mark approval in the U.S. and Europe for a range of indications. The American Association of Breast Surgeons reviewed initial clinical trial results and opted to support cryoablation as a treatment option for early-detected breast cancer. Applications of the technology toward treatment of other types of cancerous tumors are being studied as well.