Israel AI Startup Reducing Las Vegas Car Crashes

An Israeli start-up is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help the U.S. state of Nevada reduce interstate congestion and crashes. Waycare integrates data from navigation apps (like Waze), connected vehicles, and city infrastructure to provide
traffic management administrators with a comprehensive visual overview of their roads. The platform uses AI and machine learning to predict high-risk locations where traffic incidents are more likely to occur. It shares this information with Traffic Management Center (TMC) operators, highway patrol, service patrol, and other local authorities through its cloud-based interface to enable them to take proactive steps to improve traffic conditions.
According to the Regional Transportation  Commission (RTC) of southern Nevada, which took part in a pilot program of the technology, the Waycare platform helped safety agencies respond to incidents at least 10 minutes faster. Additionally, Waycare was used to identify key hotspots where preventative measures, if implemented, could encourage drivers to slow down before a dangerous location. The results of the pilot program demonstrated that 91% of drivers decelerate to an appropriate speed limit after viewing a police trooper or dynamic messaging signs in target locations. The company is also conducting pilot crash prevention programs in Florida and Ohio.