Intel’s Fastest Laptop Processor Developed by Israeli Office

Intel Corporation, the world’s second-largest semi-conductor manufacturer, unveiled what the tech giant called the “best processor” for laptops it has ever built. The chip was created by Intel’s  development team in Haifa, Israel.
The industry-leading, eighth-generation Intel Core processor allows computers to perform 88% better than a three-year-old PC and 29% better than the previous seventh-generation processors. This powerful new computer processor is not only the highest-performance laptop processor Intel has ever built, but will enable better performance for users who are creating content or playing video games. Intel’s R&D team in Israel led previous designs for the tech giant’s processors, including in 2016, when it sired the previous “strongest and fastest ever” processor, known as Katy Lake.
Intel is constantly innovating in order to maintain its standing as an industry leader, and the company relies on its Israeli offices to lead its technology development. Since 1974, Intel has maintained offices in Israel and currently employs around 10,000 workers in four research and development centers. In 2018, Intel bought Jerusalem-based Mobileye, a maker of advanced vehicle driver assistance systems for $15.3 billion, the largest acquisition of an Israeli tech firm.